ProTracker Advantage User Manual


In general, a Client is one or more contacts linked together who pay the Firm for its services. If more than one contact combines to file a single tax return, they should be linked together to form a single Client, rather than being added as separate Clients.
If a Client's children file a separate tax return from their parents, they should be added as separate Clients. If their parents pay the Firm for managing their assets, rather than the children themselves paying, the children would not be considered "Primary Clients." Leave the Primary Client checkbox on the Client Profile screen for the children unchecked.
Until a child of a Client is added as a separate Client, there is generally no need to link them with their parents in the parent's Client relationship. Instead, enter them as relatives of their parents on the Associations tab.
Major Client Topics
The Client Profile tab includes a list of member contacts, office information, addresses, telephone numbers, a net worth history, and envelope and letter salutation information.
Information on the Firm tab includes services provided to the Client, Firm associates, Client reviews, Client associations (relatives and professionals), and the procedure for terminating a client.
The Activities tab includes appointments, notes, reviews, email, documents, touches or other group communications, pipeline events, and tasks related to the Client.
The Projects tab lists projects for the Client. A project is a method for organizing the tasks, appointments, reviews and other activities that you perform for a Client.
The Life Planning tab has detailed information about the client's goals, cash flow, a history of gifting, a retirement projection tool, and a place to record Social Security and Medicare benefit estimates and conversations. 
Financial data on the Client Accounts tab include an asset and liability summary, account details, RMD records and an RMD Calculator, trustees and beneficiaries information, account policies, retirement contributions and account withdrawals, and custom fields. 
Estate Planning documents, gift tax credits, and IRD may be recorded on the Estate tab.
The Insurance tab includes insurance policy information.
The Tax tab lists a history of state and federal tax returns filed for the client, as well as administrative details regarding tax preparation and filing.
The Billings tab includes billing policy information and a history of invoices.
The Custom tab includes optional user-defined fields related to assets that may be populated and printed on ProTracker Advantage reports.
Additional Client Topics