ProTracker Advantage User Manual

Accounts Tab

The Accounts tab includes, among other things, the Client's assets and liabilities, RMD information, and lists of trustees and beneficiaries.
The Client's Net Worth is calculated on the Account Summary sub-tab, along with all of the assets and liabilities that determine the Current Net Worth.
The Account Details sub-tab includes the value, ownership, account number, and other information about each of the Client's assets and liabilities.  RMD for tax-deferred accounts can be calculated using the RMD Calculator found in the Assistant Area.
The Positions tab includes specific information about the security positions in each asset account.
Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) accounts, summarized by year, can be found on the RMD tab.
The Trustees sub-tab includes information about trustees of Client accounts.
The Beneficiaries sub-tab includes information about beneficiaries of Client accounts.
The investment strategies for smaller Client accounts may be listed on the Policy sub-tab. This is different than an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
An IPS is a broad and more inclusive document.
An Account Policy is a narrow and account-specific document that should be thought of as a short cut to establishing minimal guidelines for smaller accounts.
To add a new account policy, go to Account Summary, double-click the account to open it in the
Account Details tab, then double-click the Assistant command Account Policy
The Contributions sub-tab lists the Client's history of retirement contributions.
The Withdrawals sub-tab lists scheduled and actual cash withdrawals from Client accounts.
The Net Worth Tab lists the Net Worth History and the Net Worth Graph for a given Client.
The Custom sub-tab includes optional fields.
Client-Specific Net Worth Reports
For Net Worth reports for specific Clients, select from the following reports in the Reports panel of the Client Profile and Accounts screens: