ProTracker Advantage User Manual

RMD Client Overview

Both the 2001 RMD Rules and the 2020 RMD Rules are modeled.

Statutory Required Minimum Distribution Age (2001 Rules)

The statutory Required Minimum Distribution Age under 2001 Rules of 70.5 years was established under the RMD rules in 2001. This RMD age is embedded in the RMD Calculator code as it still applies to many existing Clients.

Statutory Required Minimum Distribution Age (2020 Rules)

The statutory Required Minimum Distribution Age under 2020 Rules of 72 years was established under the SECURE Act. This age applies to persons born after June 30, 1949. This RMD age is embedded in the RMD Calculator code.
RMD History for One Client
To view the Required Minimum Distribution information for a Client, navigate to the Client Profile and click on Accounts > RMD.
The RMD tab includes totals and details for each Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) account. The screen is updated:
Note the RMD To Go in the top-half of the screen.
Note: The top-third panel shows totals.
The middle-third panel shows account details that are summarized in the top-third panel.
To expunge a line in the top-third panel, delete the calculations in the middle-third panel that sum to the row in the top-third panel. 
The bottom-third panel shows 5-Year Rule and 10-Year Rule accounts.
Accounts Flags for RMDs
Note the highlighted flags below that are relevant to RMDs:
For further details on each of the Account Flags, see Account Details > Account Flags section.
Required Minimum Distribution Details
For each account with RMD withdrawals in the selected year, the Account Type, Account #, Custodian, RMD from This Account, and the Actual Taken from this account are displayed. In order for the Actual Taken amount to be accurate, it is essential that all withdrawals from RMD accounts be recorded and that the withdrawal is counted toward RMD.
Right-click an account and select:
Select this option to add a new RMD Calculation for a Client and Account. The current Client is selected by default. Once the Client and Account are selected, the RMD Calculator is opened for that account. If the RMD calculation is saved, the account is added as an RMD account and its Required Min. Distrib. Acct box is checked in account details.
Select this option to review or alter the information used to calculate the account's RMD.
Select this option to delete the RMD calculation for this account. When deleted, the account will no longer be listed on the middle panel, and its RMD amount will be deducted from the Total RMD for the related summary row on the top-third of the screen.
Setting up Individual Client Beneficiary Designations
Make sure that beneficiary designations are up to date for all RMD accounts, including beneficiary birth dates. From the Client's Profile, click on the Accounts Tab and the Beneficiaries sub-tab.
To view missing Beneficiaries for all your clients at once, click on Operations > Accounts > Beneficiaries, and then click on the Exceptions tab.
If you wish to project what a Client's RMD will be in the future, read this article.