ProTracker Advantage User Manual

RMD Scenario Fact Set

PURPOSE: To provide an input form for ProTracker Advantage® customers to use when requesting assistance with a specific Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) scenario.
SUBMISSION METHOD: Print this Help article, fill in the facts with a black ballpoint pen (for readability), scan the sheet, and send it as an email attachment to: You may also copy and paste the

Scenario Identification


RMD Scenario Fact Set

sections (below) into an email and then enter the parameters on the email.
REPLIES: ProTracker Software will endeavor to reply by email within 48 hours on business days.
FEE: There is no fee for this service for ProTracker Advantage customers.

Scenario Identification (Copy and paste into an email and then filll out)

Today's Date:
Name of Firm:
Tel. Number:

RMD Scenario Fact Set

Prior Year-end Account Value (12/31/YYYY): $________________


First Name

Date of Birth

Date of Death


Spouse (Inherited IRA)
  Primary Beneficiary
Designated Beneficiary
Successor Beneficiary
*See Moniker definitions below.
Attach a screenshot of the RMD Calculator Dialog Box, if possible.


The person who opened the retirement account.

Participant Date of Death

The key date for applying pre-SECURE Act provisions (2001 Rules), or post-SECURE Act provisions (2020 Rules).

Designated Beneficiary

A Designated Beneficiary is a "natural Person" (a human being). The moniker Designated Beneficiary may include: an Original Beneficiary or a Successor Beneficiary.
A conduit trust (a "see-through" trust) named as a beneficiary in writing with the custodian of the retirement account may also be a Designated Beneficiary.

Successor Beneficiary

A person who inherits the account from a Designated Beneficiary, a Primary Beneficiary, or other Successor Beneficiary. All Successor Beneficiaries to Successor Beneficiaries are also classed, simply, as Successor Beneficiaries.

Non-Designated Beneficiary

An estate, charity or "non-see-through" trust.

Eligible Designated Beneficiary (EDBs)

Created under the SECURE Act of 2019, Eligible Designated Beneficiaries (EDBs) are defined as follows:

Primary Beneficiary (used with Successor Beneficiaries)

The person who died, whose date of death sets the beginning of the 10-Year Rule distribution period, as applicable. The so-called Primary Beneficiary may be the Participant, the Participant's spouse, a Designated Beneficiary, or other person who died after 2019. The Primary Beneficiary name does not change during the 10-Year Rule distribution period, regardless of who is actually receiving distrbutions.