Version 8 Update Instructions & What's New in Version 8

Version 8 Update Instructions

Note: Version 8 is a required update because of the SECURE Act RMD changes.

  • Open ProTracker Advantage. Select Help > Check for Updates from the menu.
  • When the message “New Update found. Install now?” appears, click on Yes.
  • The installation process will begin by downloading the update. If ProTracker Advantage or Autosync are still running, close both programs before proceeding.
  • If a yellow User Account Control message box appears, click on Yes.
  • At the Setup – ProTracker Advantage Update message box, click on Next.
  • Click on the Finish button to close the installer and reopen ProTracker Advantage. If the program does not open, clear any messages and double-click your ProTracker Advantage desktop icon.
  • A message about converting favorites may appear. Click on OK.
  • At the Login screen, click on the Login button.
  • The program will automatically connect to the database and run any required updates. If prompted, make sure any other users have exited the program.
  • In ProTracker Advantage, click on Help > About ProTracker Advantage.
  • The version number at top should start with ProTracker Advantage® 8.0 …
  • You have successfully updated ProTracker Advantage to Version 8. Click on OK to close the About message box.
ProTracker Software Customer Support:
Telephone:  603-926-8085, press 2 for Technical Support (9 – 5 Eastern, weekdays)
What's New in Advantage Version 8
ProTracker Advantage Version 8 is a required program upgrade that must be installed.
The upgrade incorporates the extensive changes to the Required Minimum Distribution rules under the SECURE Act of 2019, along with implementation of three new IRS mortality tables that take effect on January 1, 2022.

Required Minimum Distributions

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules were extensively changed by the SECURE Act. Version 8 implements the new RMD rules.
The SECURE Act, among other things,
  • Extended the RMD age from 70-1/2 to 72 years of age for persons born after June 30, 1949.
  • Imposed a 10-Year Rule for Successor Beneficiaries.
  • Allowed special provisions for Participants who were in certain retirement programs.
  • Added global tracking screens for accounts under the 10-Year Rule to show expiration dates.
  • Added global tracking screens for accounts under the 10-Year Rule Exceptions.
  • Starting on January 1, 2022, Advantage Version 8 automatically invokes the three new IRS mortality tables for RMD calculations.


  • Updated interface between ProTracker Advantage and Microsoft Outlook for increased compatibility with newer versions of Microsoft Office.
  • Improved the general performance of loading and unloading of AutoSync.
  • Updated the archiving process for email addresses shared by multiple Contacts.


  • Improved the speed of navigation to edit screens from many global lists.
  • Increased the performance of ProTracker Advantage load and shutdown.
  • Numerous small changes to screens, lists and reports based on your feedback.

New Annuity Screen

Added a new  annuity screen.
If an Account Type or an Asset Type contains the word "Annuity" or "Annuities," a new annuity screen is displayed that accommodates the various parameters for annuities.

Right-click Menu Options

The right-click menu options throughout Advantage were updated and replaced with more intuitive options and icons.
Additional right-click menu items were added to provide greater versatility.

List Views

  • Most list views were updated to allow more display options, formatting, and filtering.
  • More filtering options were added.
  • The ability to change the order of columns on many list views was implemented.
  • The ability to add or remove columns was added.