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  • Version 9 Update Instructions & What's New in Version 9

Version 9 Update Instructions & What's New in Version 9


Note: Version 9 is a required software update because of the SECURE Act of 2019 and the
Treasury's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking issued in February 2022.

Version 9 Update Instructions
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What's New in Advantage Version 9

RMD Calculator Levels

Version 9 introduces "Levels" to clarify RMD calculation processes.
Participants deposit funds into and distribute funds out of his/her retirement account in Level 1.
If the account is not fully distributed by the Participant before death, the money flows to Level 2.
If the Level 2 beneficiary does not fully distribute the money during his/her lifetime, the money flows to Level 3.
Level 3 contains the "outer limit" provisions for eventual disposition of the account.
The three levels have six sub-levels: 
Level 1 - Participant
Participant Lifetime (Participant is alive, including spouse more than ten years younger)
Level 2 - Beneficiary
Spouse of Participant (surviving spouse)
Designated Beneficiary (includes Eligible Designated Beneficiaries)
Individual in a Group (multiple inheritors for one account)
Non-Designated Beneficiary (not a natural person)
Level 3 - Successor
Successor Beneficiary (including successors to successors)
Review the Levels and choose the appropriate sub-level as the first step in the ProTracker RMD Calculator process.
A Definitions panel provides on-screen help for the selected sub-level.

 RMD Calculation Types

Calculation Types have been defined to recognize required calculation processes:
Calculation Type
Recalculation Method
Look up the factor in a life expectancy table each year based on age(s), usually for spouses.
Fixed-Term Method
Look up the longevity factor in the first year to determine the applicable denominator; subtract 1 each year after that.
5-Year Rule
Take withdrawals any time, but empty the account by the end of the 5th year. Applies to charities, estates, and non-see-through trusts.
10-Year Rule
Take withdrawals any time, but empty account by the end of the 10th year. RMDs are not required in Years 1 - 9.
N-1 10-Yr
RMDs in Years 1 - 9; 10-Year Rule
Take withdrawals any time, but empty the account by the end of the 10th year. RMDs are required because decedent died on or after his or her Required Beginning Date (RBD).
N-1 Age31
RMDs each Year
until age 31
Look up the factor in the first year; subtract 1 each year until age 21. Continue N-1 for 10 more years after the Minor turns 21. Clarification of IRS rules needed.

RMD Calculation Methods

Calculation Methods define the algorithm applied to implement the regulations.
For example:

RMD Calculator Reports

The advisor Report for an RMD calculation has been revised for greater clarity.
A new Client Letter has been created to provide a client-facing RMD summary for a single Client account, with a footer text box for regulatory compliance text.
See Operations > Database Admin >Application Preferences > Reports to modify the RMD Client Letter footer text.

RMD Wizard

The RMD Wizard and the Operations > RMD tabs have been upgraded for more versatility.

Select Columns

Many additional fields have been added to various Select Columns entries to add versatility.


Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)

Additional capability has been added to reflect the growing use of QCDs and the management thereof.

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